If a grant is awarded, a project post-mortem must be submitted online outlining the final project results and including photos. The project post-mortem is due no later than 30 days after the project is completed or by July 30, 2021, and will include observation documents, as well as including photos and videos if possible, and a budget re-cap.

By downloading the pictures and videos, the project coordinator has the responsibility of ensuring that he/she has the parental authorization to allow METRO, its subsidiaries and agencies to use those pictures in various communications including the Program’s website, on metro.ca and on Metro’s Facebook page, as well as medias.

The pictures and videos must be authentic and free of rights.

Photos and videos become the property of Metro Ontario Inc. It is the responsibility of the teacher/project leader to ensure that the parents have signed the waiver before photos are posted on the website. Please email in a copy of the signed waiver to the Green Apple School Program Committee at gaspON@metro.ca when you complete your project post-mortem, no later than 30, 2021.