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Green Apple School Program

What is the Green Apple School Program?

Launched by METRO in 2012, the Green Apple School Program is aimed at promoting healthy eating habits among youth, and increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption, which are the foundation of healthy eating habits. Through METRO Green Apple School Program and its $1,000 grants every year to Ontario schools, METRO hopes to demonstrate to young people that eating well is simple, enjoyable and tasty, and to encourage them to adopt healthy habits, which will stay with them all their lives.

Once a grant is awarded, there are five simple steps to follow:

Plan your project’s activities and workshops with a focus on fruit & vegetable consumption

Before starting your project, observe the fruit & vegetable consumption with the help of the observation tool

Put your Green Apple School Program project into action

After your project is finalized, observe again the fruit & vegetable consumption with the help of the observation tool

Report your experiences and results on the Green Apple School Program website

Click here to download the documents you will need to observe and calculate your students’ fruit and vegetable consumption
Let’s get started!
Expand their palate!

Your Green Apple School Program project must be focused on increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetable, which are the foundation of healthy eating habits. In order for students to develop a taste and acceptance for different fruit and vegetable, they are encouraged to repeatedly taste, try, feel and discover. Therefore, your Green Apple School project must create regular and repeated opportunities to experience the joys of eating fruit and vegetable.

Please choose among the following options:

Minimum six cooking workshops
Minimum six tastings and discovery workshops
Combination of both for a minimum of six

To motivate students, you can visually present the number of portions/fruits/vegetables consumed or cooked across all students in the class during your workshops (a giant “fruitometer,” for example). Provide regular rewards for the students who have tasted, prepared or discovered during your workshops.

Add educational/teaching concepts

To help students understand the benefits of consuming fruit and vegetable, your cooking workshops or tasting and discovery workshops must be educational.

Please incorporate at least one of the following activities:

Write short blurbs about fruit and vegetable, their health benefits, etc.
Discussions, workshops, videos about fruit and vegetable.
Classroom visit from a nutritionist, chef, or another nutrition professional.
Workshops about meal planning, grocery shopping, etc.
Plant an exterior or interior fruit & vegetable garden.
Other, describe:
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In order to raise awareness, to potentially overcome barriers for or to strengthen positive effects of F&V consumption, discuss about the students’ perceptions and thoughts around the topic of F&V consumption. Discuss with the students their perceptions and opinions on healthy eating. Potential discussion questions include (but are not limited to): Do you like eating fruit & vegetable? What positive effects do they have on your body? Why are you reluctant to taste new fruit and vegetable? What would prevent you from eating more fruit & vegetable? What other food in your diet could you replace with fruit & vegetable?

Involve the household

Parents play an essential role in their childs fruit & vegetable consumption. For many different reasons, it can be difficult for parents to give their children access to a variety of fruit & vegetable, or to motivate them incorporate more into their diet. With your Green Apple School project, you can help to make parents more aware of the importance of fruit & vegetable consumption and invite them to help their children consume fruit & vegetable more regularly.

In the framework of your Green Apple School project, please complete at least one of the following activities:

Inform parents about your Green Apple School project, on its goals and the activities involved. This is an opportunity to highlight the importance of fruit & vegetable, as well as their important function as a role model for their children.
Observe fruit & vegetable consumption: For a specific time period, such as a week or a month, track fruit and vegetable consumed on a daily basis in a “passport” that can travel between home and school with the student.
Inform the parents on a regular basis about what students have prepared or discovered during your workshops and provide them with the recipes/list of fruit & vegetable that students have tasted and enjoyed.
Additionally, you can incorporate the following activities in your project:
  • Share tips and tricks with the parents to include more fruit and vegetable in snacks, lunch boxes, meals, etc.
  • Suggest some ideas for at-home challenges, or simple recipes to be cooked with the family, etc.
  • Create a recipe book that students can bring home.

Other, describe:
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Set a consumption goal with the students. For example, everybody can try to consume at least five portions of fruit & vegetable during the day. Your initial observations will help you in setting realistic goals for the students.

The full grant amount must be spent on activities related to your Green Apple School Program project. How will you spend the $1,000 grant? (max 1000 characters including spaces)
Have you or your school ever received a Green Apple School program grant in the past three years? (max 1000 characters including spaces)
How did you hear about us? (max 1000 characters including spaces)
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Make sure you have permission from your school principal to participate in the Green Apple School Program. Notifications related to your project status will also be sent to this address.
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To ensure that Metro invests in the communities in which it operates, grants will be awarded to schools located within a 30-km  radius of 30 km of a Metro or Food Basics store.

The $ 1,000 scholarship may be granted to you by another store than the one chosen.

On behalf of our school, I have read and I accept the Rules and regulations of the Program. On behalf of our school, I agree to provide a Post Mortem of my project, which will include my observation before and after the project. I understand that if a grant is awarded for my project, it may take several weeks for the check to be sent to my school. On behalf of our school, I agree to receive communications from METRO relating to the Green Apple School Program. I can withdraw this consent at any time.