8. Earth Rangers

About Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to working with children to protect biodiversity. Our long-term goal is simple: to protect enough natural habitats to ensure the lasting survival of all species.

Every year, Earth Rangers reaches over a million young people and their families through television exposure and live animal shows performed at schools, community events and via our permanent studio at the Royal Ontario Museum. We also reach children across Canada through our online community of over 90,000 members. Through our programs we are creating a generation of environmental stewards to protect animals and their habitats. To learn more about Earth Rangers, visit www.EarthRangers.org.

About the Bring Back the WildTM School Show

The Bring Back the WildTM school show will introduce students to some of our most dynamic Animal Ambassadors. Cosmo, our ring-tailed lemur will amaze students with his leaping ability and Echo, the Barn Owl will thrill audiences as he swoops silently overhead.

This year’s show educates students on the challenges facing biodiversity today by focusing on four species native to Canada: The Monarch Butterfly, Plains Bison, Spotted Turtle and Pine Marten. From the Tall Grass Prairies in Manitoba to the Grassy Place in Newfoundland, these animals have an important story to tell about the diversity of life and how human impact is affecting their ability to survive in the wild.

The new 2011/12 show runs approximately 45-minutes, providing students with a unique experience and inspiring them to take immediate action to help protect the environment.

Booking your Show

In partnership with the Metro Green Apple Grants Program, Earth Rangers is pleased to offer our live show at no cost to eligible schools. The Green Apple Grant will cover the full cost of the program for your school. Please follow these steps to book your show:

Limited spots are available, so please contact Earth Rangers now to book your show!

Geographical Restrictions

Greater Toronto Area

Niagara Region*
Kitchener / Waterloo*
Guelph / Cambridge*

*Please note: There are timing restrictions that apply for schools outside the GTA. Contact Earth Rangers to find out availability.